Long Run

Book review About the book Book name : Long Run - A Paradise AugmentedAuthor : T. SathishPublisher : BOOK STREET PUBLICATIONSLanguage : EnglishPages : 177My ratings : 5/5 LONG RUN BY T. SATHISH Book blurb For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, … Continue reading Long Run

Long Run – A paradise augmented

Sathish Thiruvenkataswamy Author Sathish Thiruvenkataswamy I am an IIM Calcutta, NIT Silchar alumnus and an AVP in Cigniti Technologies. My first book, Life in the Sunshine (2019), was an immediate Amazon bestseller. Long run is my second novel, which has opened up to excellent reviews. My short stories 'Looking for Bond' (Amazon), 'Hang in there' … Continue reading Long Run – A paradise augmented

The Tenth Riddle

Name : The Tenth Riddle Author : Sapan Saxena Ratings : 5/5 About the book : President of National women's commission sends Naina shukla to intelligence bureau office where she meets the officer shoumik, author Ishan and MLAM Shakti Sinha, to solve the case of Gonar, Rajasthan where princess of gonar found dead in one … Continue reading The Tenth Riddle

Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens

The Little Booktique proudly presents Respected Author Saurav Ranjan Datta’s 3rd novella, “Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens”Book : Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens Publisher : The Little Booktique Hub; First Edition (7 December 2021) Pages : 212 pagesLanguage : English The Little Booktique Hub proudly presents the cover of the Respected … Continue reading Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens

Vitamin H

My book review Title : Vitamin H Volume 2 Author : Abhishek Vipul Thakkar Publisher : GURJAR SAHITYA BHAVAN (1 January 2020) Ratings : 4/5 stars. Book Review :- Our journey towards success always filled with many obstacles. Sometimes we feel tired, sometimes we feel broken inside, sometime we feel depressed too. It causes anxiety. … Continue reading Vitamin H

All authors under one roof

Hii friends,I have started one handle @starmybook on instagram for authors promotion.Main motive of the page is "Know your author well"Now, it will be so easy to find any author's bio and his/her work at one place without any hassle. It would be so interesting to find any author's complete book details at just one … Continue reading All authors under one roof

Lost in translation

My book review Lost in translation by himanshu goel. 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟/5 This is a beautiful short poetry chapbook.On an average each poem hardly 4 to 5 lines.Yet a few meaningful words in each poem are carrying alot of emotions.I loved this style of writing. It makes you satisfied, sometimes emotional and sometimes nostalgic. Hindi … Continue reading Lost in translation

Star My Book

Hiii I'm jalpa makwana. A bookworm. A passionate reader and reviewer. My thirst for reading a good books never ends. I used to check the various sources to find books of my taste. During this journey I found some problem areas in our system for not being able to find all the writers at one … Continue reading Star My Book