Today I’m going to write some article. But writing on which topic?- this thought struck me at first. Just thinking on several areas I can write over there. Many topics came up in my mind but the situation bewildering me. After some time thinking on which topic should I write finally the idea came in mind that the best thing I can write over it is the thought which lingering in my heart. What’s the thought keeps me alive every day? What’s the thing I attentively chase? – That’s my aim/passion for my aim- which is needed to conquer for all negativity. My zeal brings me energy to fight for temporary problems and hope for bright future. Writing on my futurity desires I can narrate very well. So, now I am seeking towards what type of life I desire ahead in my future. The precise dream that I urge to accomplish and I wish to live. It is require to discriminating between momentary desires with perpetual wishes.

What I’m thinking right now? My feelings, my thoughts, my desires, etc are in my subconscious mind. Which aspiration creeping in my soul? Can I touch the exact idea creeping inner? Can I distinguish among the permanent desires with the temporary feelings? Can I extract the main ambitions of my life from the sporadic ideas? Can I narrate well with the same meaningful words? Can I thoroughly explain the voice of my soul? Seriously, I am becoming more perplexed. Don’t know what to do. I can’t hear the inner voice. What should I do? It’s requiring more attention and needing conscience state of mind moreover concentration in thinking. My mind is puzzled with various thoughts. A deep sleep needed right now. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Actually need a meditation. I have to stable in my ideas. Perfect sight require for deciding the actual goal I want in my future to complete. One question arising in my mind right now. If I couldn’t find my one actual wish then my wish is surely not big enough as much as it needs to be. Several ideas are conflicting with genuine reasons. My conscious mind and subconscious mind both are arguing with valid or practical cause. In fact I have strong vision earlier but today’s circumstances show me now I can’t complete my ambitions. Changed atmosphere is a big factor of my unstable mind. Now I can’t go with my old dreams. I have to change my mind. My vision required to change as per present facts. Is it good idea to make up a mind to mold our earlier decision? If the answer is not. Then what to do if we couldn’t do anything for accomplishing our dreams because of our changed conditions? Always my mind stuck over here in this question. After with this perplexed mind, I always concentrate on learning new things and rest leave it for god to accomplish what god want me to be in future.


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