The 365 days

By Nikhil ramteke


The 365 days- as name suggests the story revolves around the 365 days of a Malayali sailor’s life. It’s life changing year of a sailor’s life. This is a debut novel of author Nikhil ramteke. Really, it is a very intriguing work done by the author. Narration is very impressive. If you don’t know much about kerala or it’s culture and never visited it then don’t worry, this story help you to take you into the world of fisherman’s life. Story narrated so well.  We can get lots of information about fisherman’s life of kerala. This story is all about the fisherman shiju from the village Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram. Shiju dreams about going to Dubai for betterment of his future. So he arranges money for passport and visa. He is going to the gulf and leaves his wife and son behind him. As he reached there, he found the reality behind the limelight of Dubai. He faces lots of hardship and struggle throughout one year. Author described the reality of black side of labor’s life at gulf with detailing. You can actually feel the emotion and hardship or struggle of shiju.

Ultimately, Very unique and amazing story plot. Cover and title were perfect. Beautifully narrated. Being a reader, love to read as it is so interesting and realistic story.


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