One Post for Hostel mates


Dedicated to all my hostel mates.

I’m damn sure, my writeup will definitely take you back to our hostel days. And if so, my writing will win. It’s a great way to experience a flashback of our hostel life.

Ahhh, what a marvellous hostel life we had! So, get set ready for some flashbacks.

Here it’s…our hostel stories…

There was a scheduled time for roommates for waking up one by one at early morning. (Luckily I was numbered last in time schedules as I was little bit lazy)
It was like a race every morning for getting ready to reach in time for the breakfast in mess.
All you friends reached there but I couldn’t as I was always late.
Chhotu always pretend to be like there is no more snake at mess’s closing time of 8 a.m.
Every morning we latelatifs(me and some of my friends) used to bargain for tea & some snakes with chhotu after @8’o clock.
Some days without having a small cup of a tea we have to go for attending boring lectures. How bad were those mornings…
Still badly missing those mornings…
4 p.m. Snacks especially Friday’s noodles & Saturday’s bhel.. Can we have again in future?
Walking around garden of r.k.’s Cool and fresh atmosphere after afternoon snacks was replenishing our energy to do more fun. What a lovely eve we had!
Those aartis & slokas we had sung together at loud voice (might be disturbing for some) yet we got fruitful memories given by the lord.
Dinner at last table of mess had a large view of the dining area with giant window at back side made our dinner amazing with full of crazy chats, masti and dhamaal.
After finishing dinner, we used to go for a long walk around campus to take blessings of radhe Krishna at holy temple of our campus.

Studies, movies, snacks at late night all the things lived with friends have turned our hostel days to unforgettable golden memories.

Saturday night gossips, flawless drama, anytime garba/dance, reading vacations, celebration of festivals (navratri, Ganpati sthapna), fm radio, dear rector  😉 , pritimam’s throat (thought), signing of attendance register, headache of every time’s leave applications, dedicated ajay devgans’ song for ashwin’s hair style, Sunday’s sweet special menu, eating stolen thepla from mess at night with yummy murabba, truth & dares, sleepy nights before the exam times, reading in gallery or on the stairs with friends/fun/masti, the most favourable freedom in using internet anywhere in the Wi-Fi campus, but unfavorable somewhat in blocking sites by network admin yet great demand of promising proxy servers, watching serials on live TV – all these smashing moments just faded out somewhere.

Life was so stereotype yet full of liveliness.

Enjoyed the life’s greatest time period with the craziest and loveliest friends between the day I entered into the crazy world to the day I had to take leave from my heavenly world.

Hostel is not just let you enjoy your freedom but it teaches you to be a independent thinker, not as being a reliant on others in living your own life.

First time I stepped into the hostel with heavy heart as I have to leave behind my home and my parents. There were lots of questions running in my mind that whether I will be able to sustain here with people having different personalities and perceptions??

Slowly people having same taste and attitude like me became my friends. I began to enjoy their company.

So, ultimately, with heavy heart I stepped out of the hostel as I left behind my lovely friends.

We all know that home is sweet but life at home cannot be compared to a hostel life.

It has been almost 5 years I physically came out from the hostel, but my mind still thinking and wanting this life back.

Can’t we have this time back again..??

Can’t I enjoy those precious moments that sometimes I felt I missed to enjoy at that time??

Can’t I have again you all my buddies circle, not only on virtual life (wp, fb) but in real life?

I miss you a lot my all hostel fellows.


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