Today I’m going to share the review about the 3 books that made a huge impact on my mind. I have read somewhere that we inspired by words when that feelings are in our harmony but when we find the exact words for the same, we accept it without any objections. The essence of these books which I will utter later on which is already in my heart made me believed all the statements without any unfavorable opinion.

Well, I’m a reader. I have read so many books till now. But some books are just near to my heart but like my great inspiration source. Some affirmations are just like me and my feelings. And adventures described in some books encourage me to do so. Remarkable assertions of great leaders are my gospel truths. I think that are in my harmony so I believed it immediately as I read. So, let me reveal you these 3 books one by one.

To begin with karma no siddhant were written by hirabhai thakkar. This book gave me meticulous idea on karma. I appreciate the way of writing the author conveyed the whole meaning by giving precise examples on varied topics related to karma. We can seize the notion behind his exemplifier by his effective writing and the power of teaching easily. After reading this book, I completely go to believe in karma. Karma is the total sum of good deeds and bad works which an individual performs during his lifetime. One can’t vanish his bad deed by doing good act. They have to repay for both – good or bad – during his journey. They will get the reward for good karma and get agony for bad doing. No one can be freed from karma. So, it’s all about karma and its secrets. I really enjoyed in reading this. I attain so many new concepts which are not in my mind earlier.

Second one I greatly impressed by amas na tara which were written by kishansinh chavda. This book is all about lots of adventures caused by the author during his lifetime. Here adventures means that trying the new things which you get in life. As a fact, writer just narrating his journey as his biography but I have taken his journey as the venturesome life. Since, I crave for adventurous life. Indeed this book encourages me to take every chance you acquire. Apparently we all read so many inspiration quotes but some of it hugely affects us and leave a great impact on our heart. Likewise, this book is stirring my willingness of action. Invigorating my urge to take every moment and live it.

And last but not the least- actually my real inspiration satya na prayogo autobiography of Mahatma Gandhiji. What can I say about Gandhiji, there is a lot of literature available. All knowing Gandhiji very well but here I will utter about his thinking on various things other than satyagrah or movement in my perspective. After getting so much praise from my elder sister about Gandhiji I insisted to read his autobiography once. So I read and unknowingly I became an enormous admirer of his. I really touched his words described about religions. Earlier in his journey, he believes that scriptures of Hindu’s are great. But after that he thought like that if I talk about greatness of Hindu’s scriptures I need to learn other scriptures too so that I can differentiate among them and tell about the greatness of Hindu’s creeds and beliefs. Therefore he learnt all the scriptures of various religions. And acquire all the knowledge about diverse religion. He said that all of us should read scriptures of different faiths. He told that all faiths are at the bottom are one and helpful to one another. I nobly influenced by his nature of learning new things, his daily routines/hardworking nature, his remarkable quality of speaking only truth. I greatly appreciate his courageous nature to face any problem and never lie to go away from any circumstances. They taught us how to live and tackle any situation. I profoundly impressed by his philosophy on non-violence and I completely agreeing on it. He was the living embodiment of truth, nonviolence, sacrifice. He dedicated his life to the country. Our greatness is that we had the great Mahatma in our country.

Reading of these 3 books made an enormous impact on my thinking. Magnanimously changed the way I think. Some significant revelation of these literatures deeply persuaded me. Now I have to mention here one more thing I need to disclose. Just read biography of swami Vivekananda in brief. The story of swami Vivekananda is very interesting. His intellect, his knowledge, his precocious mind, his personality and his courage leaves a strong impression on me. He fascinated by his discourses on Vedanta philosophy, positive exhortation and broad outlook. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And makes me seek to ken in depth about his life and what he accomplished during his ages and the non-dualism concept. I am so curious to understand the oneness of god existence. Yeah, my eyes are on non-dualism concept. His most important contributions were on advaita philosophy. From now onward I will go to get knowledge in depth about swami Vivekananda and Vedanta philosophy.



  1. Hello Jalpa,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog 🙂

    Of the three books you mentioned here, I ready only Gandhiji’s autobiography and that’s truly inspirational I would I agree.

    I really liked your theme selection here and the way posts are organized.

    Being a bibliophile, it feels great to get connected with some one who love books and write about them.

    Keep writing and have a great time here in this wonderful community.

    Best Regards,

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