Unns – The Captivation

By Sapan Saxena

A captivating thrilling love story…UNNS – the captivation is a second book by sapan saxena. It is a romantic thriller story which makes you read in one sitting as it has a lot of twist and turns, full of love and suspense also just like a hindi movie. The cover is a very simple, neat and clean with just two colors – black & white. But one royal blue flower is there which has a very deep important role you will know as you read this captivating novel. Same as the cover, the writing is simple too however impressive and interesting.

About the story:

It is a story of Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim. Story divided in three parts. First one is about love story begins at the school days between Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim. Atharva and Maher falls in love in school time. But when Meher’s parents discovers them she has to broke up with Atharva. The first few pages you will feel like this is a simple adolescent love story of school days. But after the second part, as you read further it becomes more interesting. There is a twist and turns which makes the story very interesting as well as intelligent one. In second part, after the fifteen years, they met again in Munich, Germany. The Atharva, a senior RAW officer – is a strongest person with just one weakness, Meher who goes to Germany for their secret mission. And Meher is a business women who is a citizen of Germany. After fifteen years they met. And after some twist they end up again. The third part is in Boston, U.S. they met again but now the question is: Are they destined to be together now?

Here, one more beautiful thing is how author described seven stages of love. Every three parts again divided in seven chapters about seven stages of love.

So, considering all the things, cover, story plot, narration, my overall rating is 5/5.

You can purchase this thrilling love story from here :


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