Ponytail: The Love for Revenge

Ponytail: The Love for Revenge is written by pradip chauhan. It’s a romantic thriller story.

About the story:

It is a story of a business man, prabuddh who is very intelligent and brilliant man. Prabuddh has only motive to become rich and powerful person and has guts how to stay first in the business world. He owned a company named prajwalit ltd. He is young and dashing too. He grew his hair as an oath. Here is the secret behind in his long hair (ponytail) what the title suggests. Tapasya working in his company as a managing director. Kaumudi, who is his business partner. Both, prabuddh and kaumudi, starts new company together. Story revolves around in three of this. Although after the second section, story slightly twisted but then in the last section, it twisted completely.

The story language is very fluent and flawless. So as it becomes more engaging. Chapters are divided effectively that you can grasp easily. When you start reading the book, you can’t imagine this is as much interesting. But when we read further, it becomes more and more interesting. Now it became one of my favorite novel. Beforehand I couldn’t figure out the title exactly but after the reading, I think it is best suited.

So, overall rating as counting title, cover, story plot, narration, I will give 5/5.

You can purchase this book from here :



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