Saturated Agitation

Saturated Agitation novella written by Surabhi Pandey. One of the best novella I read. The writing is like sharp needle. Every situation and points were described very neatly, accurately and meaningfully by the author. One of the very serious issues raised here which needs to take much attention.

About the story:

The story is all about the most common and frequently happening crime against women in our Indian society. Which describes how women treated in our society, how they face the current situation, how they tackle the day-to-day problems, how much victims affected and impact of crime and their consequences.

This issue, the violence against women, must take on a serious note.  Everyone, in our society, must know the moral values. Everyone should teach themselves to understand it. It’s worth reading this book. I recommend everyone here to please read this novella once. For every man here, think once; how we are treating our women in male dominated world. What should need to change? Our behavior, thinking,…??


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