The 23rd Girl

The 23rd girl, the work of two writers namely Divya Ratan co-authored with Rohan Kachaliya and story concept by chetan soni. As title suggested, the number 23, which in turn has great significance in this book. Actually, the whole concept is about number theory. How number magic can affect one’s life.

About the story:

The story leads by one interesting character, Rashv. Puffy Rashv, who is smart and confident guy. He is genius in his study and business. Once upon a time, rashv find some strange things in his files. He found number magic which played an notable role in his life. He found in his every result of his academic career the number 23. Then he begun to analyzing every situation and every big spot where he found the magic of number 23 is always there with him. The number 23 connected in his life journey everywhere. He searched on internet to figure out the actual meaning or logic behind the number 23. He surprised and jovial at the same time with the results as it indicating that the 23 very significant number which can lead him in making success in his life. After that, he started following the number logic everywhere in his daily routine life. Even he believe that the 23rd girl he will meet, that would be his dream girl. So that rashv was waiting for the 23rd girl. Roohi, the girl with charming personality in her. Liked this character most as she is very relatable girl to me. She is very passionate girl about his life and career. Never allowed anyone near to her but after rashv’s entry she just started like him and rashv too felt the same for her. But after knowing that she doesn’t fit in his number theory, rashv bewilder in this situation. The question is: does rashv accept her leave behind his number logic or does he just follow his number theory and leave her?

The story is interesting and most I like is the concept of number theory. As my birth day is also 23. So, I was curious to know about the secret holds by the number 23 beforely I read. Truly speaking, after knowing the number secret, I also felt like rashv to be near around the 23rd number as it may lead me to the success.

It’s worth reading it. So, my overall rating about this novel would be 4/5 as per counting story concept, cover page, title and story narration.


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