Demons in My Mind (When Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy)

My Book Review

Title:  Demons in My Mind (When Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy)
Author: Aashish Gupta
Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services
My Rating: 5/5


Is your mind under your control?Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from excruciating pain. His journey takes him to the three monks, known for miraculous healing and life transformation. He discovers they are no saints, but hardened criminals. The three monks – Rizwan, Murli, Joseph – narrate stories of unprecedented savagery that would make even the most cold-hearted criminals look down with shame.

The dark stories of the three monks leave Dakshesh gasping, but there is something about their dishonourable lives that relieves Dakshesh from his pain.

My Review:

I am flabbergasted by the psychological writing. The story contains lot of elements. I couldn’t imagine by the cover and title, how the storyline it will be. Only thought I have is just some mind reading type storyline must be. But when I start my whole imagination was going wrong. It’s completely different what I contemplated. In fact, it us more than I ever thought. The author exposed the deep mind thought is really a tough job indeed and yet he is managed to express profound idea that mind holds in his effective narration.  Just spell bound by the brilliant writing. The poetic writing always takes my whole attention. The author expressed the deep mind thoughts in poetic way is amazing. Firstly, while reading few pages at start, I felt like some spiritual type work the book will hold. But as reading further, I found and astonished by the same time as the different story elements like suspense, thriller, philosophy, psychology, all in one.

Well, one main story, further splits into 3 more. The dakshesh, old man, who was suffering from cancer and wished for sweetest death. So, as to want to meet the three monks. At times, he managed to approach the three monks. Then the monks, exposed their lives to dakshesh. Here the start of the three monk’s journey, how they lost against their mind’s control and how they committed crimes. At certain time, this book will surely grab your mind too. Literally I felt like that. I have to pause for a while. This is definitely states that how effective the writing is. The way, the author narrate the mind’s state that became good to evil is marvelous and thriller too.

A great job done by the author in picking up and narrating very intriguing the psychology concept. It’s really fascinating story that you can’t stop without completing it. So, considering all the aspects and all the things like cover, title, narration, storyline, etc I would like to give 5/5. And suggest everyone to go for it.


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