The Highway Man


Author: J. Alchem
My Rating: 5/5


The whole world is upside down. People are walking in the sky with the ground moving above their heads. And the reason is simple; a bestselling author is in love. But why the whole world is inverted? What’s so special about this love? Or worse?

A man throws his masculine brain and heart aside and fixes a feminine one there. And the reason is simple; he wants to live the life of his lover, for 24 hours. But why does he want to do that? What’s the need?

A man, neatly dressed in a suit, is playing with his bowler hat, on a highway at dawn. And the reason is simple; he needs a lift. But why does he need a lift? What’s his purpose?

My Review:

The book left me spellbound. What a novella!!! I’m speechless after reading this amazing novella. Actually, I don’t have enough words to appraise it. I enjoyed a lot this fascinating story with every magnificent character which a huge spell cast on me and brilliant narration which made me read it in one go.

Actually it’s a collection of 3 beautiful short stories which is very unique with each other and extraordinary at the same time. Firstly, the excellent acknowledgement section amazed me. I have never read acknowledgement like this before. And very well preface also. In which, described the little girl with imagination power. Indeed, marvelous job.

The 3 very captivating short stories are as below.

The Catherine:

When author, who falls in love with the fictional character-catherine of his novel. He get started to live her life. He just live with her just like she is alive. I love the way how beautifully story narrated.

Sidzy;for a day:

Here the story of jihan and sidzy: A lovely couple. When on 8th March – international women’s day, jihan decided to live sidzy’s life and make her feel lovable.

The highway man:

Last but the not least, actually one of the best story, the story of the highway man, the story of funny and cheerful guy, the story of #kuchhbhi jokes inventor, the jihan who hid his pain and living his life like full on masti. The highway man who used to take life on Delhi-Agra highway road and keep the people happy making fun with cracking jokes. I just love this interesting character, the highway man, and #kuchhbhi jokes who made me happy too while reading. Want to read more about this #kuchhbhi man. I found this really very very very amazing character I have read so far.

So, of course my rating goes to 5/5 considering all the things like: cover, title, story plot, story narration and presentation.

Love this novella. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend everyone to read this. It’s worth reading these superb stories.


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