Rains off a Smoky Sky: From Anurita’s Diary

My Book Review

rains off a smoky sky

Title:  Rains off a Smoky Sky: From Anurita’s Diary

Author: Pritam Mandal
Paperback: 274 pages
Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (8 January 2017)
Language: English
My Rating: 4/5


Do you want to work, walk, relax, breathe, smile and cherish your wonderful life under a clear bright blue sky?..Then, under the smoky sky, say a little prayer for the rains of love to wash away the smoke…
Strap yourself for an emotional roller coaster ride as you experience Anurita’s world through the pages of her diary. Laugh with Anurita, wipe away her tears, revel in her wisdom and be a part of her life’s conversations.
A bold and daring young woman from a little village in India, Anurita chooses to tread the untrodden path, against the dictates of a judgmental society. But she is determined to seek the true meaning of her life at any cost. As she follows her heart all the way to the city and beyond, she is met with turbulences of all kinds. A stunningly handsome middle-aged man stirs in her feelings of love and passion; but her romantic fantasy meets with an abrupt end. And then, in a faraway country, she loses her friends to an unexpected tragedy.
Just when everything seems to be going awry and she is about to give up on humanity, it rains. As rains from the smoky sky fall on the Earth, Anurita discovers fireflies in the darkness, dancing on the rain-bathed petals of lovely carnations, the flowers of god.

About the story –

The story of anurita, a passionate girl who dreams a big to make a difference in the world. But as she is from small village apubapur, chasing and accomplishing her dream is not as much easy for her. It’s a story how she managed to fight for her felf. Everyone calls her with short name anu. So, anu decided to name her diary as her last part of her name rita. She used to receive a diary on her every birthday from her father with the same cover and same line written on first page by her father. The line written on a diary is a mahatma gandhiji’s quote that is – Be the change that you want to see in the world. Raise your voice against corruption. She used to note down everything happening in her life in a diary. She started everything share with rita, her personal diary.

My Review –

It’s a collection of pages from anurita’s diary. A new interesting concept here I found. Anurita, main female protagonist used to talking to her dairy, rita. Note down every moment of her life in her diary. The cover page of the book is very beautiful, I loved the dark combination of colors. Kudos to writer as he described woman ideology very well which is written in a first person as a main female protagonist, anurita. Elegantly narrated story yet easy to understand. Some chapters from childhood story, I found bit boring. But as I move further, story became captivating and I was engaging to the story to the last page. Anurita’s romantic life is interesting to read. The description about the tulip ship is also effectively done as one can easily feel the same environment discussed in the situation. The topics of garbage and waste management discussed very neatly. So thanks to the author as I got some new information and got the knowledge about the topics raised here.

So, taking everything like cover page, title, narration, story presentation and story concept, all the things into the account, I would like to give 4/5.


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