Weary Soul

In the midst of dense woodland
Cool breeze rustles greenwood
Calming the whole surrounding
Just unable to sooth my soul
To and fro
My weary soul chasing pleasure everywhere
Becoming more and more weary

All my worthless attempts
Though I never gave up
Never ever
Pursuing happiness,
That is the only destination of mine

Saw new ray of hope
Coming from nowhere
Want it anyhow
Running after miles of miles
Huffing and puffing
At last, I found
Just an illusion of my mind

Becoming more and more tired
Fed up of everything
But I can’t
Can’t control my overzealous nature
Which is still dreaming
Dreaming of pleasant life

Demanding from eternal power
For the sake of humanity
Just give me one ray too
The ray of hope
The pursuable hope

Keeping running
Still running
After ray of hope
Can’t understand
Maybe, it’s mirage
Mirage of my craft
But my soul will never take a rest
Not just for a while

I will keep running
Chasing after happiness
Around the world
In the midst of dimness
Waiting for the sun to shine
I am sure
One day my stars will also shine


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