Just A Few Lies

My Book Review

just a few lies.png

Title:  Just A Few Lies

Author: Sandeep Sharma
Print Length: 136 pages
Publisher: Author Paradise Publishers (25 May 2017)
Language: English
My Rating: 5/5


Understanding Writer’s mind is a complicated thing. He imagines, presumes and sometimes anticipates the reality and tries to blend with fiction. He is someone who stays in stories much more than in reality. His mind is full of giant maze but what happens when maze starts to peep out of imagination and enter the reality?

Anant, a bestselling ‘Superstar’ author is feeling that words have started to betray him and that’s why he starts to search for the ‘next Anant’ and be involved in the making of the next superstar.
Mystically, one day he reads Sagarika’s blog and gets amazed to know that all her blog posts are inspired from real life incidents of Anant himself. On the other hand, Anant’s problem of having hallucinations about random things is coming back in his life. Earlier those hallucinations were totally strange but now even those hallucinations make sense.
What exactly is happening with Anant?

Who this Sagarika really is?

What lies are being spoken in the veil of finding next ‘Superstar Bestselling Author’?
Answer lies behind ‘Just A Few Lies’.


About the story –

The story revolves around very characters. The anant, the bestselling author, who suffers from hallucination and became author by chance. Raman, anant’s best friend from childhood and business partner, he is publisher. Kavya, anant’s wife. Sagrika, diehard fan of anant, blog writer, anant find the next anant in her.

Anant, the bestseller author somehow unable to write from last couple of days. Otherwise he finished his novels just in 5 months. But now he just can’t write as he thoughts words betrays him. He has been working on many story plots and built characters for their stories in his mind too but somehow he couldn’t make out.

One day anant read sagrika’s blog. Amazed by her blog he told raman to find her in anyways. And thought to himself she will be next anant.

And then recommend the raman about sagrika to find her.

Finally she found out and called by raman as she appointed as a writer under anant’s guidance. Now she has to write on the story plot that anant ask for.

The mysterious, suspense and thriller story starts from here.

My Review –

A very unique, unusual, extraordinary plot amaze me a lot and made me stick to the last page. The book was so interesting. The title is appropriate with the story and attractive too. The cover page also seems interesting. And the blurb is highly captivating.

The story narration makes wonderful reading experience. The narration is very well. Language is simple and effective. Some editing errors are there but it’s okay. However its best narration I can say.

The storyline makes me amaze. It’s a perfect romance thriller with suspense and mysterious too. Author has done well job in portraying characters. The storyline and characters both make me engaging to this book.

My Rating:

Cover and Title: 5/5

Narration and language: 5/5

Story plot: 5/5

My final rating is 5/5.

It’s worth reading this amazing book. I would recommend to all.


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