The Moon in the Sun: A Novel in Poetry of Love, Life, Soul & Wildlife

My Book Review



When Narayan Sambhan’s world fell apart at a very tender age, the time he spent in the forests that lay ample around his village resuscitated him. No one knew the forests and the tiger better than Narayan Sambhan. But the forests are mercilessly cut down and increasing loneliness invades his life. As he struggles to carry on, a remarkable incident takes place.

The Moon In the Sun is a tale in poetry set in the Himalayan Terai replete with mesmerizing sights, bliss and beauty as also nerve-wracking experiences that the jungles alone can provide and bestow. It is also a touching tale, in poetry, of the wonderful journey that life can be when the soul attempts to break free.

About the story –

The story of Narayan Sambhan, a jungle lover, more specifically a tiger lover. He bestowed with jungle lore by his father who died when Narayan was very young. The sorrow of his father’s dead, he couldn’t forget. But then, he goes to jungles where he found his bliss. His mother, maragi sambhan, his only family member who doing chores whatever she could do to survive. Once he offered job of collecting leaves from jungle for selling outside. Narayan started doing job this job and making some money for living. He used to go to deep inside dense jungle and he aware of all the places and animal’s whereabouts inside the jungle. When first time he show the tiger, eye to eye contact between him and tiger, the terrible situation makes him terrifying as well as astonish at the same time. After that fascinating incident, tiger became his favorite animal. He admires tiger always. He believed that no one can take place of mighty tiger.

Here described the life of narayan sambhan from kid to old and till he died as well as the life of tiger too. Once narayan met with krishnaji, a forest chief conservator saheb who came at village for asking someone who can guide him to take photographs of tiger. Everyone recommend narayan to conservator saheb as only narayan knows everything about dense forest and it’s wildlife. And then narayan goes with him and his life has been changed so much.

As per today’s circumstances, forests are mercilessly cut down. There is a scenario how tiger died in barren land when he injured by human. Indeed heart touching story.

My Review –

The combination of poetry and adventurous story is magnificent. The jungle lore and especially tiger’s admiration is sumptuous. Venturesome experience of narayan sambhan narrated so well in poetry form. The tale of dense jungle always attracts me more. And here in this story I can visualize each and every incident so clearly as author done a great job in describing every situation. The adventurous story is touching as well. We can feel the emotions discussed here about the today’s issue of earlier dense forest which alter barren land at times. The story gives the message to save the environment. Live and let live the other creatures of god as well. It is to living and experiencing the beauty given by almighty, it is not to be destroyed. Keep the blissful environment clean, safe, secure and blissful as it is which is given as bestow by the god. Keep admiring and enjoying the god gifts.

I enjoyed reading this poetic adventurous ride. It makes me engaging to the last page. I am giving 5/5 for this perfect poetry adventurous book.


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