My Book Review


  • Title: The Inimitable Chaos of Life
  • Author: Maliny Mohan
  • Paperback:183 pages
  • Publisher:StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Language:English


A naïve girl of eighteen is trapped in a dungeon, which changes her and her capture’s life forever. Afar, tucked away in the sleepy terrains of a town in kerala, a married woman is determined to revisit a forbidden past of her past. A model turned-MBA aspirant is scourged mentally for a decision she almost made three back. Back in the less-happening village of kanyapuram, an aspiring author loses a copy of her very first manuscript.

True to its title, ‘the inimitable chaos of life’ is an amalgamation of enthralling stories borrowed from the chaotic pages of life, which allure you to relieve the multitude of unique emotions humans are made of.

About the story and my Review –

It’s a collection of 14 short stories. Every story described here with unusual chaos of life. Theme of the every story is different from one another and interesting too. Each story contains some surprise element which is very relatable.

Some stories just connect you so well. You feel emotional bonding with some characters. The story of orphanage home and children of orphanage, their dreams and their pathetic lives and the burdens of grief they loaded with by almighty from their childhood, very emotion story of each child indeed. You can live their pain through reading their story. The story of jiya, very young girl’s story who belongs to very rich family. She got trapped by thug. But the story about how the thug at last changed his mind and relived the girl. The stories of married woman, MBA aspirant, writers etc. every story takes you to the chaos of the life which you just can’t avoid.

The simple cover page with interesting title which gives you the inside of the book. The language is very lucid and narrated with very rich vocabulary. The flawless stories with lots of emotions and gives you very unique messages at the end of every story. Kudos to author for great ideology she writes about various chaoses connected to different lives. It’s all about how some individual tackle their problems and live happier life when life seems unfair to them where some happier persons just live in grief though they have lots of thing to become happy just because of their ill mind. It shows every emotion like how one react the situation that life throws at him/her and how he/she deals with it. So, with great ideology with great stories with unique plot ..just awesome..

So, at last, considering all the things I would rate this novel 4/5. I would love to read the future work of the author. I recommend this book to everyone here. It’s worth reading this.


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