White Smoke

My Book Review


  • Title: White Smoke 
  • Author: Nikhil Mahajan
  • Paperback:152 pages
  • Publisher:Srishti Publishers & Distributors (7 June 2017)
  • Language:English

Blurb –

Virat studies in a renowned boarding school in Shimla. But behind the façade of a happy teenager is a disturbed child trying to fight the pain of his mother’s death and his father’s ignorance. Neither love nor friends seem to be of any help. That’s when he finds a picture in a library book, which changes his life forever.

In trying to find the truth behind the girl in the picture, he stumbles upon dirty secrets and a scandal that shocks him.

Meanwhile in Delhi, a CID officer and Police Inspector Mathur are trying to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome murders of two influential families that seem to be connected to the mysterious girl in the picture.

Will Virat be able to find the mysterious girl or lose himself on the way?
Discover the chilling reality of life, friendship, love and deceit behind the curtain of White Smoke.

About the story –

The main protagonists are virat, mahi and other characters are arjun, eshaan, joy, payal, police officer mathur and CID officer. The 3 story running simultaneously. The story of virat, story of arjun and mahi, and the investigation story of mathur. Virat, who studying in prestigious school of shimla. One day he found mahi’s photo in one book in library and then he just fell for her. He is trying to get her information. Then one day he found her address and goes to her place to meet her. Where the story about mahi and arjun, who were also studying in same shimla school and both were in relationship but the day come when arjun ruined her life. after that incident mahi is just living like lifeless life. The third story is about the police officer mathur who trying to solve mysterious case where people killed brutally. The two rich families killed by the serial killer. And as he found the some link between the two cases, he get to know the third family who is about to kill. So, he manages to track the 3 crime which is about to happen. Now the questions are: Can he trap the serial killer? What is the link between the three stories? How they connected to each other?

My Review –

The another great work by Nikhil Mahajan. The romance crime thriller suspense story, really catchy indeed. The 3 stories which are linked to each other running parallelly throughout the book makes the story really engaging. Very intriguing story plot, presented very well. The cover is catchy and the title “white smoke- The missing shimla girl” is also looks very appealing. The suspense revealed at the end is unimaginable. The story manifests today’s scenario of crime world, criminals and bribe. The story kept me hold to the last page. The book left me confused and guessing the story as the last event took place when the virat got a call from the dead one. Now I can say that it’s horror too. There is lots of surprising elements which made the book really interesting.

My Ratings –

Cover: 5/5
Title: 5/5
Blurb: 4/5
Characterization: 3.5/5
Plot: 4.5/5
Writing and Presentation: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4.3/5


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