Prisoned in Love

My Book Review

Prisoned in Love.1.jpg

  • Title:Prisoned in Love
  • Author: Vaiibhav Nigam
  • Paperback:255 pages
  • Publisher:StoryMirror Infotech Pvt Ltd (2017)
  • Language:English
  • My Rating: 5/5 stars.


Blurb –

Rayirth Kapoor, nine years ago made his American Dream come true when he got admission to pursue MBA program from New York University. In the coming seven years he found magnificent job and a wife to die for but never even in his deadliest dreams he assumed his life will gave him a somersault.

Now he is suffering from insomnia, from the past two years he never slept. Doctors say it’s a rare kind of disease but Rayirth knew the actual reason of his complete sleeplessness. Whenever lights betrayed and night falls a small girl wearing white frock covered in blood, whose half face is scorched like a tire rubber follows him the entire night. He knew the reason of his illness is breathing in State penitentiary and he needed to rendezvous him inside the deadliest prison of America.

Prisoned in Love, is a love story of Rayirth Kapoor who is searching for answers in the adverse scenario in the process of making his life back to normal.


My Review –

An amazing and mysterious cover page with enticing and intriguing title make you grab this book and read it. This is a romance suspense thriller as it’s reflected in cover page and title of the book. Definitely they are well suited with the story line. The crispy interesting blurb too holds your attention to make you read this mysterious thrilling fiction. Blurb of the story greatly described about the theme. And it caught my attention when I came to know it’s a crime thriller suspense as I am big fan of such genre stories.

The interesting prologue at first, raise your intensity in reading this thriller. The curiosity increases in every next page. And no doubt it will hold you whole attention though it’s a long book of 255 pages still you will be able to complete within a few hours.

The plot crafted meticulously. Each character depicted very well. Language and narration is good. Lucid writing style such a detailing work really commendable. I would like to read more from the author in future as well. It is must read for all romance suspense thriller readers out there. Go and grab it.


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