Age of the imperfect leader

My review

Age or the imperfect leader by pawan verma

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 /5

About the book

With a down-to-earth approach, leadership expert and practitioner Pawan Verma goes beyond the

rhetoric associated with leadership and makes the unequivocal suggestion that you should have thecourage to be imperfect and if you try to be good at everything, you’d never be great at anything.How’s that for a change?In a powerful narrative enriched with examples from great leaders, The Age of the Imperfect Leaderdebunks the myth of perfect leaders. The book identifies the key secrets of leadership success in themodern world: discovering your strengths and investing in these areas, focusing on the strengths ofyour team members instead of their weaknesses, making your leadership team well-rounded, beinga principled pragmatist and creating the eco-system needed for success in the contemporary world.

My verdict

What is a true leader? What are the qualities that should be in leader? This book answers all the questions and covers all the essential traits that should be in the perfect leader.

Today’s rapid changing environment, this book guiding us to key aspects what leader needs to look at, to perceive the values and ethics. Leadership is not only about showing leadership but to build trust among team members, guide the team, motivate them towards the goal and make them stay focused and have a faith in the target.I liked the chapter- Leadership in the face of Death and Devastation which explains how one should stay focused and stand strong at the time of challenge by giving the example of mining shift supervisor Luis Urzua.“If you continue doing business today with the methods of yesterday, you are bound to go out of business tomorrow.” This quote well explained in the chapter Turbulence in the Environment.This book gives new ideology to think and understand. It makes you differentiate the myths and ethics as well. I like the author’s approach to explain every topic easily with giving the examples. Language is easy to comprehend. This guide on leadership will help everyone in their job. I recommend everyone to read who like to read non-fiction leadership guide to become a perfect leader.

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