The Tenth Riddle

Name : The Tenth Riddle

Author : Sapan Saxena

Ratings : 5/5

About the book :

President of National women’s commission sends Naina shukla to intelligence bureau office where she meets the officer shoumik, author Ishan and MLAM Shakti Sinha, to solve the case of Gonar, Rajasthan where princess of gonar found dead in one of the guest room of the kuldevi temple.

Actually Rachit Kapadiya, family lawyer of the Saraswat family of goner wrote to the president of national women’s commission to solve this murder case.

And the story begins. Shoumik, Ishan and shakti goes to Gonar to solve this mysterious death of princess of Gonar, Avni.

There are few more characters, daughter of rachit kapadiya, Mr. Solanki, pratap bhan, aditya puranik and prime suspect Isha.

There is one more question why infant mortality ratio is very high.

Hence, to solve this case, shoumik, shakti and Ishan is heading towards Gonar. There they see haweli, visit kuldevi temple, examines everything and try to find clues. Then they also get to know about some secret that haweli holds. Kriti in capacity of lawyer also a daughter of Rachit Kapadiya joins them in finding the truth. There is a long history and facts that need to know to decode the prophecy and find out the truth of secret.

My review :

Here, I can’t reveal much secrets about the secret of this book. But I must tell you, this story is very intriguing and we’ll described. The story has many twists and turns. At first I thought it is murder mystery but I was wrong, there are many things connected with main storyline which makes it more and more interesting and intriguing.

Characters are crafted really well. And I’m impressed with the characters : Shoumik haldar, an intelligence bureau officer for his sharp mind and Ishan for his history knowledge. It is very interesting to read about Gods and Goddesses. very detailed description I must say.
Narrative style is great. Every chapter is with meaningful name.

The tenth riddle, as name suggests, a wonderful mystery and suspence book. This one can be adapted into movie. I would like to recommend to all book readers to read this one.

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