About Me

Hello, I’m Jalpa Makwana

“A book, cup of tea & a comfy chair. What else needed in life.”

Yeah, that’s my life. I’m a great bookworm.

Well, I read books coz I’m introvert. What else would I do?

Alternatively, I read a lot coz I’m escapist. I am living my life in my fantasy word..in my imaginary world. Laughing, crying, singing, dancing, enjoying – all the emotions I feel and react with my fictional characters. I love to stay in my comfort zone. Don’t have dare to exit from the shell and put my leg to outer world. I like to be here.

Sometimes people finds me rude, arrogant, pessimist… some people finds me liberal, shy, conservative, optimistic etc…whatsoever..I’m me ..JALPA- (Jolly, Admirable, Lazy, Polite, Ambitious)

Some books are just close to my heart. I’m highly impressed. They made me changed the way I think. I’m greatly inspired by the life of Swami Vivekananda and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhiji.

Writing is one of my hobby. I specifically believe in writing hard with exact words. Other hobbies are drawing, dancing (I can’t, though), just being as creative…that’s it.

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