Lousfa’s Pure Unrefined Organic Bees Wax

Very first time I heard about bee wax here. Quite wonder about this product. Then I googled about it. and found it very very useful also I got many  creative ideas that can be applied in making cool stuffs like moisturizers, body butter, lip balm, etc etc and moreover we can make candles too. So, by seeing awesome applications my crafty mind was so much curious to try it.

Lousfa Organic Pure Shea Butter

This is the third product from lousfa and I am very much satisfied in using this butter. Actually it is unrefined pure organic butter made with nuts of shea tree in Ghana, Africa. Very multipurpose cream you can have in your daily needs. I use this butter directly like a moisturizer. It helped me in smoothing my skin. It smells like a pure unrefined organic product. Melts and absorbs quickly on skin. Protects skin for long without stickiness that thing I liked the most about it. It can be mixed with other creams as well. You can make many DIY things using this butter. It can be used as a primer for your face make ups. Like there are lots of things you can do with this butter.  So this is the must have butter. you can carry anywhere in your purse. This little tub can last long time.

Lousfa Lavender Essential Oil

I liked it really. It’s working same as described in product description. It can refresh your body if you add few drops to bath water. It’s a perfect stress reliever. I added only few drops in bath water, its aroma spread all over room and I actually feel stress free then.  

Lousfa Rosemary steam Distilled Essential oil

I would like to say at last, taking everything into account, the Lousfa Rosemary steam Distilled Essential oil is really soothing aroma oil needful in stress reliever, good for a fresh morning start, it feels like a natural thing you are using actually and assuredly energizing oil.