White Smoke

My Book Review Title: White Smoke  Author: Nikhil Mahajan Paperback:152 pages Publisher:Srishti Publishers & Distributors (7 June 2017) Language:English Blurb - Virat studies in a renowned boarding school in Shimla. But behind the façade of a happy teenager is a disturbed child trying to fight the pain of his mother’s death and his father’s ignorance. Neither love [...]


My Book Review Title: Karma: world's first InstaRead Author: Kevin Missal Paperback: 92 pages Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP (1 June 2017) Language: English Blurb - KARMA IS WORLD's FIRST INSTAREAD Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house. But there are two problems. One, she Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing [...]


My Book Review Title: The Inimitable Chaos of Life Author: Maliny Mohan Paperback:183 pages Publisher:StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Language:English Blurb:- A naïve girl of eighteen is trapped in a dungeon, which changes her and her capture’s life forever. Afar, tucked away in the sleepy terrains of a town in kerala, a married woman is determined [...]

Just A Few Lies

My Book Review Title:  Just A Few Lies Author: Sandeep Sharma Print Length: 136 pages Publisher: Author Paradise Publishers (25 May 2017) Language: English My Rating: 5/5 Blurb:- Understanding Writer’s mind is a complicated thing. He imagines, presumes and sometimes anticipates the reality and tries to blend with fiction. He is someone who stays in stories much more than [...]

Rains off a Smoky Sky: From Anurita’s Diary

My Book Review Title:  Rains off a Smoky Sky: From Anurita's Diary Author: Pritam Mandal Paperback: 274 pages Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (8 January 2017) Language: English My Rating: 4/5 Blurb:- Do you want to work, walk, relax, breathe, smile and cherish your wonderful life under a clear bright blue sky?..Then, under the smoky sky, say [...]

DeAttached (Shades of time)

My Book Review Title:  DeAttached (Shades of time) Author: Ram Joshi Paperback: 216 pages Publisher: Notion Press; First edition (2017) Language: English My Rating: 5/5 Blurb:- “Not everyone is meant to walk together, but true love always leads to the path of freedom and timeless bliss.” Olivia, a traveler blog writer, left shaken when she returned back [...]

The Highway Man

MY BOOK REVIEW Title:  The Highway Man: Short Stories Author: J. Alchem My Rating: 5/5 Blurb: The whole world is upside down. People are walking in the sky with the ground moving above their heads. And the reason is simple; a bestselling author is in love. But why the whole world is inverted? What's so special about this [...]

Demons in My Mind (When Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy)

My Book Review Title:  Demons in My Mind (When Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy) Author: Aashish Gupta Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services My Rating: 5/5 Blurb: Is your mind under your control?Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from excruciating pain. His journey takes him to the three monks, known for miraculous healing [...]

The 23rd Girl

The 23rd girl, the work of two writers namely Divya Ratan co-authored with Rohan Kachaliya and story concept by chetan soni. As title suggested, the number 23, which in turn has great significance in this book. Actually, the whole concept is about number theory. How number magic can affect one’s life. About the story: The [...]