Long Run

Book review About the book Book name : Long Run - A Paradise AugmentedAuthor : T. SathishPublisher : BOOK STREET PUBLICATIONSLanguage : EnglishPages : 177My ratings : 5/5 LONG RUN BY T. SATHISH Book blurb For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, … Continue reading Long Run

Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens

The Little Booktique proudly presents Respected Author Saurav Ranjan Datta’s 3rd novella, “Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens”Book : Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens Publisher : The Little Booktique Hub; First Edition (7 December 2021) Pages : 212 pagesLanguage : English The Little Booktique Hub proudly presents the cover of the Respected … Continue reading Goddesses of Fury: History’s Most Daring Queens

All authors under one roof

Hii friends,I have started one handle @starmybook on instagram for authors promotion.Main motive of the page is "Know your author well"Now, it will be so easy to find any author's bio and his/her work at one place without any hassle. It would be so interesting to find any author's complete book details at just one … Continue reading All authors under one roof

Star My Book

Hiii I'm jalpa makwana. A bookworm. A passionate reader and reviewer. My thirst for reading a good books never ends. I used to check the various sources to find books of my taste. During this journey I found some problem areas in our system for not being able to find all the writers at one … Continue reading Star My Book