Long Run

Book review About the book Book name : Long Run - A Paradise AugmentedAuthor : T. SathishPublisher : BOOK STREET PUBLICATIONSLanguage : EnglishPages : 177My ratings : 5/5 LONG RUN BY T. SATHISH Book blurb For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, … Continue reading Long Run

All That Is Unseen

BOOK REVIEW- Here’s the story of a guy who lives in his imaginary world by the company of his diary. Arav, A writer by passion, one interesting guy. He then met with Nasia, who is an artist too. Actually a painter. Arav's musing is an inspiration source for Nasia'a painting while Nasia's painting makes him to write more and more. both collide at some point. What will happen when two artist meet?