Long Run

Book review About the book Book name : Long Run - A Paradise AugmentedAuthor : T. SathishPublisher : BOOK STREET PUBLICATIONSLanguage : EnglishPages : 177My ratings : 5/5 LONG RUN BY T. SATHISH Book blurb For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, … Continue reading Long Run

Long Run – A paradise augmented

Sathish Thiruvenkataswamy Author Sathish Thiruvenkataswamy I am an IIM Calcutta, NIT Silchar alumnus and an AVP in Cigniti Technologies. My first book, Life in the Sunshine (2019), was an immediate Amazon bestseller. Long run is my second novel, which has opened up to excellent reviews. My short stories 'Looking for Bond' (Amazon), 'Hang in there' … Continue reading Long Run – A paradise augmented

Lost in translation

My book review Lost in translation by himanshu goel. 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟/5 This is a beautiful short poetry chapbook.On an average each poem hardly 4 to 5 lines.Yet a few meaningful words in each poem are carrying alot of emotions.I loved this style of writing. It makes you satisfied, sometimes emotional and sometimes nostalgic. Hindi … Continue reading Lost in translation

Star My Book

Hiii I'm jalpa makwana. A bookworm. A passionate reader and reviewer. My thirst for reading a good books never ends. I used to check the various sources to find books of my taste. During this journey I found some problem areas in our system for not being able to find all the writers at one … Continue reading Star My Book


Some beautiful lines spoken by characters, I have saved in my diary :-
“Kaushik, my words are the gateways to my heart. As you read them, so you read me. For every word I carve on paper are truly the feelings of my inner self.”

“Writers say, whatever they write reflects a part of their life. It should be definitely true. And so reading her book would give him an inkling into her life. Perhaps, she might shroud everything that was unpleasant underneath the layers of beautiful things. Or she might bare her heart utterly.”

An Unexpected Gift

Some stories are like you want to read, read and read. You just don’t want to end. Something like this is happening to me right now. From the beginning to the end, the story is captivating. The story that has touched my heart. Ended really well. I was happy by that. But I wanted to read more and more about the happiest coming days of the sheetal, ayush and abhay. It happens just when you completely imbibe into the book when writing is flawless and characters are strongly crafted and off course when the story has the strong element.


Life is not a curse, sometimes the time and the situation is.’
‘Sometimes promises remain incomplete,
When someone close to us leaves...
Some promises remain incomplete,
When someone close to us dies...
Some promises remain incomplete,
When destiny plays a cruel role...'

Earth Laughs in Flowers

My Little Garden   Have a look in my garden.  Actually created by my mom. I feel amaze seeing her maintaining our garden carefully.   Yes, it is my mom's gardening hobby❤ which makes our home with peaceful surroundings. Happy World Earth Day. Enjoy planting more n more trees. Keep the earth clean, happy, green and … Continue reading Earth Laughs in Flowers

Passport Is My Favorite Book

A passionate soul, a travel hunter, Zehen – the main protagonist of the book. unsatisfied soul or lack of contented what we can say. He moves one places to other. Russia, boston, Amsterdam, U.S., Moscow and many more. Travel enthusiast just moving in his life as fast as time. His journey filled with so much things. How beautiful it is to reach and discover new places. To see people, meet new once and engage with them, to know their mindsets and luckily or unluckily they became our part of journey which makes happy journey or somewhere it becomes sad unaltered part of life too. It is not so easy to move ahead and keep going as always. Here, the journey of zehen filled with lots of incidents. Still he is going ahead and ahead to find something more precious.

Tyranny of Love, Life and Destiny

Character portrayed of a girl is so strong. Very well depicted her fighting with the outer world as well as inner world of mind. When we are fighting for our choices we are actually constantly fighting with our inner self too. Here the story is looking surreal at the same time relatable with real life too.