The Tenth Riddle

Name : The Tenth Riddle Author : Sapan Saxena Ratings : 5/5 About the book : President of National women's commission sends Naina shukla to intelligence bureau office where she meets the officer shoumik, author Ishan and MLAM Shakti Sinha, to solve the case of Gonar, Rajasthan where princess of gonar found dead in one … Continue reading The Tenth Riddle

The Perfect Drug

Ananya, a middle class boy, good with his studies especially good in physics. But some circumstances landed him in chemistry studies. He had a good life then. Yet, there is no contentment feeling he had. But his passion turned him to the different path and different level of understanding. With the perfect use of chemistry and physics he invented drug- “The Perfect Drug”. Well, I can’t reveal the suspense, the thrill and the mystery further. But I want to say it is totally an unpredictable and unique story. It’s worth reading this book. there is so much to see. It’s a good blend of love, life, passion, addiction, spirituality, mystery, suspense and thrill.

All That Is Unseen

BOOK REVIEW- Here’s the story of a guy who lives in his imaginary world by the company of his diary. Arav, A writer by passion, one interesting guy. He then met with Nasia, who is an artist too. Actually a painter. Arav's musing is an inspiration source for Nasia'a painting while Nasia's painting makes him to write more and more. both collide at some point. What will happen when two artist meet?

Mysterious Home

‘Wow, what a house? Is this our home, papa?’ I exclaimed. ‘Off course my little princess, it’s our home’, Papa chuckled. While unlocking the main gate, papa warned me. ‘Wait, wait beta, let me unlock the gate first. C’mon, come down from the gate.’ Thereupon, gate opened, I rushed in the house like tsunami in … Continue reading Mysterious Home