All authors under one roof

Hii friends,I have started one handle @starmybook on instagram for authors promotion.Main motive of the page is "Know your author well"Now, it will be so easy to find any author's bio and his/her work at one place without any hassle. It would be so interesting to find any author's complete book details at just one … Continue reading All authors under one roof

Earth Laughs in Flowers

My Little Garden   Have a look in my garden.  Actually created by my mom. I feel amaze seeing her maintaining our garden carefully.   Yes, it is my mom's gardening hobby❤ which makes our home with peaceful surroundings. Happy World Earth Day. Enjoy planting more n more trees. Keep the earth clean, happy, green and … Continue reading Earth Laughs in Flowers

મારો ફેવરીટ સમય – સુર્યાસ્ત

  આખા દિવસમાં જો મને કોઇ સમય ગમતો હોય, જ્યારે હું શાંતિનો અનુભવ કરું તો એ છે સુર્યાસ્તનો સમય. હા, એ સમય જ્યારે એક બાજુ દિવસનાં અંતની તૈયારી હોય છે ત્યારે બરાબર એ જ સમયે હું મારા ભગવાન સામે બેસીને આવનારા દિવસોની પ્રાર્થનાં કરતી હોવ છું.   હજું થોડું અજવાળું હોય છે જ્યારે હું મારા … Continue reading મારો ફેવરીટ સમય – સુર્યાસ્ત

Jai Shree Krishna

My drawing. I wish I could be like Radha for my Krishna. I wish I could love like Radha to my Krishna. I am quite attached to Radha-Krishna’s love since childhood. My devotion and love for Radha and Krishna and my longing to blessed with love and care like Radha-Krishna do.

May I find my Krishna ever???

I wish…I could…

में भी वो वाक्य पूरा करना चाहती हु…

  क्या कभी ऐसा हुआ है की आप कुछ लिखने जाओ ओर आपका वाक्य अधूरा ही रह गया हो और आप पूरा नहीं कर पाते? क्या कभी ऐसा हुआ है की आप कुछ उल्जनो में पड़े हो, तब कोई रास्ता न मिले और बस आप उलझते रहे हो? क्या कभी ऐसा भी हुआ है की आप … Continue reading में भी वो वाक्य पूरा करना चाहती हु…

Mysterious Home

‘Wow, what a house? Is this our home, papa?’ I exclaimed. ‘Off course my little princess, it’s our home’, Papa chuckled. While unlocking the main gate, papa warned me. ‘Wait, wait beta, let me unlock the gate first. C’mon, come down from the gate.’ Thereupon, gate opened, I rushed in the house like tsunami in … Continue reading Mysterious Home


Today I’m going to share the review about the 3 books that made a huge impact on my mind. I have read somewhere that we inspired by words when that feelings are in our harmony but when we find the exact words for the same, we accept it without any objections. The essence of these … Continue reading 3 BOOKS THAT INSPIRED ME A LOT