All authors under one roof

Hii friends,I have started one handle @starmybook on instagram for authors promotion.Main motive of the page is "Know your author well"Now, it will be so easy to find any author's bio and his/her work at one place without any hassle. It would be so interesting to find any author's complete book details at just one … Continue reading All authors under one roof

Passport Is My Favorite Book

A passionate soul, a travel hunter, Zehen – the main protagonist of the book. unsatisfied soul or lack of contented what we can say. He moves one places to other. Russia, boston, Amsterdam, U.S., Moscow and many more. Travel enthusiast just moving in his life as fast as time. His journey filled with so much things. How beautiful it is to reach and discover new places. To see people, meet new once and engage with them, to know their mindsets and luckily or unluckily they became our part of journey which makes happy journey or somewhere it becomes sad unaltered part of life too. It is not so easy to move ahead and keep going as always. Here, the journey of zehen filled with lots of incidents. Still he is going ahead and ahead to find something more precious.