Star My Book

Hiii I'm jalpa makwana. A bookworm. A passionate reader and reviewer. My thirst for reading a good books never ends. I used to check the various sources to find books of my taste. During this journey I found some problem areas in our system for not being able to find all the writers at one … Continue reading Star My Book

All That Is Unseen

BOOK REVIEW- Here’s the story of a guy who lives in his imaginary world by the company of his diary. Arav, A writer by passion, one interesting guy. He then met with Nasia, who is an artist too. Actually a painter. Arav's musing is an inspiration source for Nasia'a painting while Nasia's painting makes him to write more and more. both collide at some point. What will happen when two artist meet?

My Interview with Sir Raghvendra Singh Nain

Interview Corner I am feeling blessed today, Raghvendra Singh Nain sir is here with me for the interview. We will get to know more about him today. So, let’s start with his introduction. Raghvendra Singh Nain sir belongs to Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. He runs a school himself named R.S. Nain Memorial Public School in … Continue reading My Interview with Sir Raghvendra Singh Nain